The benefits of a woven wrap


You are pregnant or just became a parent and you are searching for a baby wrap to carry your child. Why should you choose for a woven wrap? In this blog i will tell you why!


Moldable fabric

A woven wrap forms perfectly around your baby’s body. Your baby keeps his natural posture while being carried. This spread squatting position is extremely important for a healthy development.
Soft and moldable fabrics are important to follow your baby’s natural spread squatting position.
Woven wraps have less stretch than stretchy wraps. The little stretch they have is a diagonal stretch. That means they give your little one the perfect support while being carried.


Woven wraps are know about there strong fabrics. You can easily carry a newborn, a baby and also toddlers. You can use your woven wrap from birth until you and your child no longer feel comfortable with it.

There are different types of woven wraps, thin, medium and thick wraps. Thinner wraps are best for newborns and baby’s and thick wraps are perfect for toddlers. But with every woven wrap you can start from birth up to 4 years old.


Different lengths and wrapping techniques

With a stretchy wrap there is only one way to carry your child. With the woven wrap there are so many ways to carry your child. You can carry on your front, hip and back and each position allows many different wrapping techniques.

Woven wraps are available in different lengths. The most used sizes are the size 4 (3,7 meter), the size 6 (4,6 meter) and the size 7 (5,2 meter).

The size 6 and 7 are the most common sizes. Almost all techniques are possible with a size 6 and 7, like the Front Wrap Cross Carry and the Double Hammock. A size 4 is perfect for techniques were you need less fabric, like the Rucksack Carry and the Kangaroo Carry.



Practical & Comfortable

Wearing your baby in a woven wrap is very comfortable. The weight of your baby separates perfectly over your shoulders and hips. Thats why you can enjoy walks for a very long time.

Babywearing has many practical benefits. One of the best is that you can give your little one a cosy and safe place, while you have your free. Run the household (small tasks), walking the dog and taking care of your older children, it’s all possible.

Enthusiastic for carrying your little one in a woven wrap? I have selected the most beautiful and fine woven wraps in my webshop.

Any baby wearing questions? Feel free to contact me!



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