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Senger warmth cuddle Elephant



Warmth cuddle Elephant

This beautiful cuddle is a cuddle friend for adults and the little ones. You can warm up the heat pit in the belly of the cuddle for cold nights, sore tummies and cramps.

This sweet cuddle friend is 47 x 37 x 11 cm.


How to use:
Open the cuddle with the zipper and remove the cushion. Heat the oven to 75 ° C and place the spelled or cherry kernel pad in it. Heat the pillow for 10-15 minutes and allow it to cool a little afterwards. Feel if the pillow is not too warm and then put it back in the hug his belly. Now he is ready to cuddle! Tip: You can also heat the heat pit on the heating or in the microwave. Microwave: 500-600 watts 2 x 1 minute each side.

Hand wash
If the cuddle has a stain, it is best to clean it locally (preferably with Ossengal soap). Possibly the cuddle can go in the bath with your little one! Then pat the hug dry between a towel and bring it into shape before you dry the hug. Do not wash the cuddle in the washing machine.
Hand washing with lukewarm water is possible. First remove the heat cushion from the abdomen before washing the hug.


The cuddle is made of organic cotton (100%) and  filled with organic wool (100%). The heat pit cushions are filled with spelled or cherry seeds.

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