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Linen ringsling green


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Linen ringsling

This beautiful linen ring sling is the babysling for quick and easy use. The wrap tensions easily and the fabric has a natural look.

These slings are made of 100% linen. The gold rings give the cloth a luxurious look.

The green We are Wovens Ring Sling is approximately 180 gr / m2. A thin ringsling, perfect for newborn and baby’s but also strong enough for bigger children.



Linen ring sling green

Would you like to be able to carry your baby quickly and easily in a sling? Then a linen ring sling is for you. A ring sling babywrap is a short woven sling with 2 rings at the end. Wearing with a ring sling is a bit of practice at first, but soon you will have mastered the technique. Strong and wonderfully soft.  This We Are Wovens woven ring sling wrap is ideal for the summer. The wrap has an average thickness of 240 gr / m2. This makes the wrap super strong.

The wrap tightens easily so that you can quickly carry your baby close to you. These 100% linen wraps are immediately soft and the linen gives the wrap a beautiful natural look.


The ringsling is wonderfully long and are more than 2.10 m. This allows you to carry not only your newborn baby but also a toddler with ease.

How to use a wrap with rings

– You don’t have to tie a ring sling.
– Is quick and easy to use.
– Can be used right from birth.
– Is ideal for curious children.
– Fits in almost any bag, because it is
compact to fold.
– Can be worn on the stomach and on the hip. Wash the ring sling
– Wash the ring sling before first use.
– Wash the ring sling on the hand. – Use detergent without bleaches if necessary.
– The ring sling cannot be tumble dried.
– Most ringslings come out of the box wonderfully soft, ironing makes the wrap even softer.
– Always check the washing label on the cloth for further washing instructions.

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