Rock that ringsling!


A ringsling is very trendy and comfortable, but we noticed that many parents don’t know about the existence of this baby wrap. Do you already know what a ringsling is? In this blog i will tell you why a ringsling can’t miss out in your baby wearing stash.


What is a ringsling?

A ringsling is a short woven wrap with at the ends 2 aluminum rings. You can tighten the wrap with these two rings, so you won’t have to tie a ringsling. A ringsling is a front carrier and a hip carrier. You can choose what you like the most.

In 1,2,3 steps

A ringsling is the quickest baby wrap to use. Place the ringsling over your shoulder, place your child on the rail at the height of your hip, pull the fabric over your childs  back and tighten the ringsling in 3 steps.

From newborn to toddler

Woven wraps are suitable from birth up to toddlerhood, and so is a ringsling. A ringsling is perfect for newborns and babies because the fabric is soft and moldable and fits perfectly around your babies body.

For toddlers that start walking you can use your ringsling as a scarve when your child walks and when your toddler want’s to be carried you can quickly place your ringsling over your shoulder and place your child in the carrier. Ideal for quick ins and outs.

wat-is-een-ringslingRock that ringsling!

A ringsling is in my opinion one of the prettiest and trendy carriers. Wearing your child on you hip and the long graceful piece of fabric that comes out of the rings make a beautiful picture.

When you walk trough the city with your baby in the ringsling, you will definitely steel the show.

But a ringling is also very nice for wearing around the house, short walks, walking the dog, quick grocery shoppings or during school runs.

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