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What is a baby wrap?

You can carry a baby or even toddler in a baby wrap. A babywrap is a long piece of fabric that is woven in a special way. It’s strong enough to carry a child. You can carry your child on your front, on your back or on your hip in a baby wrap.

Difference between baby wraps

There are different types of baby wraps. There are stretchy wraps, woven wraps and ringslings. Below I explain what the differences between these baby wraps are.

Stretchy baby wrap

The stretchy wrap is also called a tricot wrap. The name says it all; a stretchy baby wrap is a wrap with a lot of stretch in the fabric. You can tie a stretchy wrap in one way and as soon as the wrap is tied off you place your child in the wrap. Very simple and quick to use. With a stretchy wrap you can only wear on your front. This wrap is suitable from birth to approximately 1 year.

Woven wrap

A woven wrap is very versatile. You can carry your child with a woven wrap on your front, on the back or on your hip. Woven wraps are available in different materials; cotton, linen and wool. You can use a woven wrap immediately after birth and well beyond. You can also easily carry toddlers in a woven wrap.

Which size sling is right for me?

The stretchy wraps are all 5.5 meters long and one-size fits all.

The woven wraps are available in different sizes.
The wraps in size 6 are 4.6 meters long and are the most common size.
From clothing size 44/46 we recommend a size 7 sling.

Dragen in Schagen also sells baby wraps in size 4 and size 5. Size 5 is suitable for parents with size 34/36. The size 4 is perfect for wrapping techniques where you need less fabric. With a size 4 you can carry on your front, back, hip and torso. Consider, for example, the well-known back-carrying method; the rucksack carry or the kangaroo carry.

Want to buy a baby wrap at Dragen in Schagen?

Dragen in Schagen has a large collection baby wraps and baby carriers. We ship your babywrap quickly and for free from € 75. Do you need help choosing the right baby wrap? Marije, our babywearing consultant, is happy to help you!

What our customers say

Im very happy with my beautiful baby wraps that i bought at Dragen in Schagen. A large collection, beautiful designs and a perfect customer service.

And i booked a babywearing consultation from the giftcards i’ve got from my friends, to learn how to wrap my baby.


So happy that i discovered Dragen in Schagen. Professional babywearing advise and the most beautiful brands in the webshop. I can recommend Dragen in Schagen to everyone who’s looking for a baby carrier. I’m a fan for sure!


We are a huge fan of our beautiful baby wrap and Storchenwiege baby carrier. Our little girls are very calm and quiet while wearing. I would recommend everyone a beautiful carrier from Dragen in Schagen.


After a conversation and good advise, i received my babywrap by PostNL in a nicely package. The babywrap is a real must-have for me and also beautiful for the eye.


I love the Storchenwiege baby wrap from Dragen in Schagen. Not only the the color and pattern is beautiful, wearing my baby in this wrap feels very comfortable.



Wearing your baby is the best feeling there is. Dragen in Schagen helped us to choose the perfect carrier for us.


Extremely happy with this Storchenwiege baby wrap.
From week 1 i carried my daughter with many love in this wrap.
And after many washes it is still beautiful. Great price/quality!


Super fast delivery! I’m very happy with my Babylonia Tricot-slen. We have already enjoyed many hours of babywearing.


Marije came to us for a baby wearing consultation. We now know how to wrap our little son safely in to the Little Frog baby wrap.


You are at the right place if you are searching for a beautiful baby wrap, baby carrier or if you need any babywearing advise. Dragen in Schagen has an excellent customer service!



We are so happy with the beautiful We are Wovens babywrap.
We use it a lot, even when our little girl Jip’s get bigger.
Marije gave us good advice.


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