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Wearing in an ergonomic baby carrier

In addition to carrying in a babywrap, you can also carry your child in a carrier. A baby carrier is also called a front carrier or a back carrier. There are also carriers available for toddlers.

Carrying your child in an ergonomic baby carrier is very cozy, but it’s also very practical. Carry your child close to you and provide the security that it needs and at the same time you have your hands free.

From which age can i use an ergonomic baby carrier

If all safety instructions are considered it is advised to use an ergonomic baby carrier from birth. Baby carriers are made in different sizes. There are baby carriers that are adjustable. These carriers are suitable for children with clothing size 50/56 up to size 92.
There are also baby carriers that are suitable from clothing size 68 up to size 92, but these carriers can be used for newborn baby’s when you use a special newborn insert.
The toddler carrier is the last type of carrier. This carrier is specially made for Toddlers with clothing size 80/86 up to size 110/116.

What type of baby carriers are there

There are three different type of ergonomic baby carriers. The full buckle carriers have a waist belt and shoulder straps that closes with a buckle. The half buckle carriers have a waist belt that closes with a buckle and shoulder straps t0 tie. The mei-tai carriers have a waist belt and shoulder straps to tie.

What is a baby carrier made of

In general baby carriers are made of canvas or cotton. Some brands also use woven wrap fabric for their baby carriers. The carriers made of woven wrap fabric are slightly smoother than carriers made of canvas.

Which carrier is the most suitable for us

All baby carriers in our webshop are carefully selected by Dragen in Schagen. We only sell products that we fully support. The products are comfortable and ergonomic for both caregiver and child.

When you want to buy an ergonomic baby carrier you first check which carrier suits best with the clothing size of your child. Then pick your favorite system (full buckle, half buckle or mei-tai), and last choose your favorite color or print.

Of course choosing a baby carrier is very personal. If you need any help or advice in making the right choice, feel free to contact our babywearing consultant. We are glad to help you

Why choose a baby carrier

Quick and easy to use, that’s the reason why many parents choose for an ergonomic baby carrier. While you are having your hands free, your little one feels safe and comfortable close to you.

It’s very important that you choose for an ergonomic carrier. It’s not only the best for your child, it also makes wearing very comfortable for yourself. Our babywearing consultant only selected the best baby carriers for you.

Like the popular Tula carrier, the smooth Storchenwiege carrier, the versatile Ergobaby Carrier and of course many more fantastic brands in our shop.

Below all the benefits of a baby carrier:

  • You can wear your baby right after birth.
  • Having your hands free.
  • Babywearing stimulates the attachment process.
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • You can also wear bigger baby’s and toddlers with a toddler carrier.
  • Ideal when it comes to locations like the beach, the forest or busy markets.
  • You can fold a baby carrier in to a little package.



What our customers say

Im very happy with my beautiful baby wraps that i bought at Dragen in Schagen. A large collection, beautiful designs and a perfect customer service.

And i booked a babywearing consultation from the giftcards i’ve got from my friends, to learn how to wrap my baby.


So happy that i discovered Dragen in Schagen. Professional babywearing advise and the most beautiful brands in the webshop. I can recommend Dragen in Schagen to everyone who’s looking for a baby carrier. I’m a fan for sure!


We are a huge fan of our beautiful baby wrap and Storchenwiege baby carrier. Our little girls are very calm and quiet while wearing. I would recommend everyone a beautiful carrier from Dragen in Schagen.


After a conversation and good advise, i received my babywrap by PostNL in a nicely package. The babywrap is a real must-have for me and also beautiful for the eye.


I love the Storchenwiege baby wrap from Dragen in Schagen. Not only the the color and pattern is beautiful, wearing my baby in this wrap feels very comfortable.



Wearing your baby is the best feeling there is. Dragen in Schagen helped us to choose the perfect carrier for us.


Extremely happy with this Storchenwiege baby wrap.
From week 1 i carried my daughter with many love in this wrap.
And after many washes it is still beautiful. Great price/quality!


Super fast delivery! I’m very happy with my Babylonia Tricot-slen. We have already enjoyed many hours of babywearing.


Marije came to us for a baby wearing consultation. We now know how to wrap our little son safely in to the Little Frog baby wrap.


You are at the right place if you are searching for a beautiful baby wrap, baby carrier or if you need any babywearing advise. Dragen in Schagen has an excellent customer service!



We are so happy with the beautiful We are Wovens babywrap.
We use it a lot, even when our little girl Jip’s get bigger.
Marije gave us good advice.


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