Meet Marije Visser

Welcome to Dragen in Schagen

I am Marije, married and mother of 3 beautiful sons. I’m the owner of Dragen in Schagen and also working as a physical education teacher. During my work as a teacher im stimulating healthy physical movements, but a healthy physical and emotional development begins right after birth. Carrying your baby in a baby wrap or ergonomic baby carrier stimulates this development.

After the birth of my first son, i noticed that he became more peaceful when i carried him close. I searched for a baby wrap, so i could carry him close and having my hands free in the same time. We both enjoyed babywearing very much, so when my second and third son were born i started baby wearing right after their birth. Babywearing made motherhood so much easier for me and of course i loved the cuddles and their tiny sleeping body’s close to me.

” Daily i receive the cutest pictures from parents, that are wearing their little ones ♥”

I’ve got many questions from family, friends and people in my area about baby wearing. That’s why i decided to start with the babywearing consultancy class. I received my diploma in 2015 and right after that Dragen in Schagen was born. As a baby wearing consultant i’m learning caregivers how to use a baby wrap safely. I can learn you how to front carry, back carry, hip carry or carry in a ringsling. Also how to use a baby carrier or trying all different types of baby carriers is one of the possibilities during a baby wearing consultation.

My own children are now going to school and to big to be carried any longer, but now i’m enjoying sharing my experience with other parents and caregivers. I have already visited many families. When i leave after a consultation and a little baby is sleeping close by his mum or dad, that’s giving me the most beautiful feeling.

I have selected the most beautiful and best ergonomic baby carriers and baby wraps for you. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions please let me know!


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