Bisgaard regen laarzen

New in our assortment; de Bisgaard rain boots. In this blog I would like to tell you more about this beautiful brand. Bisgaard rain boots Marianne Bisgaard had three shoe stores, but dreamed of designing and producing shoes herself. Marianne is creative and innovative, while her husband Henrik has a more structured approach and a […]


Ergonomic baby carriers

What is an ergonomic baby carrier? If your child can be carried in an ergonomic position in a baby carrier, this baby carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier. It is also important that a baby carrier is comfortable and ergonomic for the caregiver. When is a baby carrier ergonomic? Below we list all the points […]


Studio Noos bags

Studio Noos Studio Noos was created out of a love for fashion and the lack of trendy diaper bags. The brand makes beautiful, affordable and handmade diaper bags. The bags are made in the Netherlands by people with a distance from the labor market. By buying a bag you also support this fantastic collaboration. Diaper […]



Alwero; the brand with the best woolen clothing Alwero is a Polish brand that makes beautiful woolen clothes for children and adults. The finest; the woolen clothing is made from 100% pure new wool, which has been obtained in an animal-friendly way. We already had the bodywarmers in our webshop for a while, but a […]


Bonnets with cords; how to tie a bonnet

We have been selling very nice bonnets for a long time, but we regularly get the question: what is a bonnet? How do you tie a bonnet with cords? Why do you use  bonnets? In this blog we explain exactly how and why. Keep newborn baby warm After the birth of your child, you will […]


Oli & Carol toys, teething and bath toys

Oli & Carol new in! Yeah we are so happy, because we have a fantastic new brand in our webshop again; Oli & Carol! And this brand fits in perfectly with our sustainable and natural Dragen in Schagen feeling. Read all about the beautiful brand Oli & Carol in this short blog. First more about […]


Senger naturwelt cuddly animals

Senger naturwelt The German brand Senger Naturwelt makes beautiful handmade cuddly toys. All stuffed animals are really made in Germany. Senger Naturwelt is known for their beautiful stuffed animals that are all fair made and only with sustainable materials. It is nice to know that your Senger plush is made completely fair, natural materials and […]


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