A stretchy wrap and woven wrap at the same time, is that possible?


Does it exist? A babywrap that can be used like a stretchy wrap and like a woven wrap? It seems so, wit the Babylonia Tricot- slen Cool. I will tell you everything about this fantastic babywrap in this blog.

Hybrid babywrap

The Tricot-slen Cool is a stretchy wrap which can also be used like a woven wrap, but only to carry child a front carry. So if i have to answer the question; Does a stretchy wrap and woven wrap in-one exist? The answer is yes and no.

Yes, the Tricot-slen Cool can be used as a stretchy wrap and as a woven wrap.

And no, you can’t use the Cool fully as a woven wrap, because you can only carry in your front with the Front Wrap Cross Carry. You can not back or hip carry with the Cool.

Anyway, the Tricot-slen Cool has more options than a normal stretchy wrap, so that’s definitely nice!

babylonia-tricot-slen-coolBut where’s the Tricot-slen Cool made of?

The Cool is made of ultralight 100% Newlife fibers. These unique fibers are made of recycled plastic bottles. The Cool is almost weightless, but very strong and just as flexible as a stretchy wrap. Another fine aspect is that the fabric is moisture wicking and breathable.


The moldable fabric is easy to wrap. You can use 2 techniques to wrap the Cool. You can use the stretchy wrap technique and the woven wrap technique.

The stretchy technique is very easy, because you can pre-tie the wrap and after that you only have to put your child in the wrap. This gives a safe and secure feeling specially for parents that are new to babywearing.

But also the woven technique (Front Wrap Cross Carry) is easily to tie. The fabric has a nice stretch and that’s why tightening this wrap is so easy. The Tricot-slen Cool forms beautiful around your baby’s body.

Wrapping in summer and winter

The Tricot-slen Cools is extremely nice in summertime. The fabric is airy and breathable and easy to wash. The Newlife yarn dries very fast, that’s why carrying on the beach is no problem at all. When your wrap gets wet, it dries within minutes.

Ofcourse the Cool is not only a summer wrap. Also in wintertime this wrap is very comfortable. When you use the stretchy wrapping technique, you wrap your child in 3 layers of fabric. Your baby will feel warm and cosy and won’t get cold!babylonia-tricot-slen-cool


This fantastic Babylonia babywrap received several awards. In particular the recycled fabric, the 2 different wrapping techniques and the fact that this wrap is soft, moldable and breathable made that the Cool won the Babystuff Baby Innovation Award and de Febab Baby Product Award.


Are you one of the parents that can’t choose between a stretchy wrap and a woven wrap and are you going to carry a (newborn) baby, than the Babylonia Tricot-slen Cool is a perfect wrap for you!


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